You Are My Forever Soul, My Safety Pin Person Charm

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  • HOW IT WORKS: Choose the option you prefer, the safety pin with one letter or with two letters and when you have the pieces in the cart and you are ready to complete the purchase, there is a section that says "LEAVE SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW". You can specify with which letter you want our team to create your charm of that person "IMPERDIBLE" for you.
  • LOVE IS OUR DNA: it is the month of love and as you know every year we talk about self-love as the MOST IMPORTANT thing. Love is CRAZY like everything else in L_L, and we should always keep it in mind. Love your sister, your best friend, your mother, your dog, your crush, your boyfriend or girlfriend... LOVE IS INFINITE. This year we have created this personalised charm to give as a gift with your initial and the initial of the person you want to keep close to you: your Rauw or your Rosalía, your Hailey or your Justin. Give yourself or your loved one a present and CELEBRATE LOVE this month more than ever.
  • Materials: 18k gold-plated stainless steel, zircon, 18k gold-plated bronze. 

Spain: within 1-3 business days.
Europe and USA: within 3-5 business days.
United Kingdom (UK): within 5-8 business days.

At Lulás-Lulás we love to be surrounded by positive energy and good vibes!. Natural stones help us in this purpose and also give us the colour and beauty we need at all times.


Peace is all you need. I'm sure you've thought to yourself, how much negative energy there is in this world! But did you know that the pearl can absorb it and make us feel calm and peaceful? If you know you are going to have a stressful day, take the pearls out of the jewellery box and transmit and feel the peace.


Reconnecting with myself is calling me. Sometimes we need to stop in this fast-paced world. Stop and Feel!. The turquoise stone makes us feel good, both physically and spiritually. If you can't do yoga all day, but need to breathe and connect with yourself, then wear turquoise and go for it!


Today I want to feel magical. The amethyst reminds us that we are naturally wise. We have the power of intuition and we can always start again. It represents the violet ray of transformation! It also boosts motivation and centres you emotionally. Do you want to feel like today is the first day of the rest of your life? Wear this stone and you will know which way to head.

Lapis lazuli 

I need to let things go and fly. There is something you need to let go of, but you don't know how. Lapis lazuli gives us all the confidence we need to communicate with clarity, saying just what we want to express. In Ancient Egypt it was used as a lucky charm. Can't find the day to let things go? Hang the stone close to you and succeed.


I need the power of intuition! Don't you think we have to make a lot of decisions every day?. Malachite cleanses and activates all our chakras and if we have it very close to us it activates our inner vision, which comes from our heart. Bet on malachite today and leave all doubts behind!. Malachite can work its magic to balance your body, mind, and soul…

Tiger's eye

Wish me good luck!. There are moments when we feel that everything goes wrong but in fact, we are sure EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR SOME REASON. Just in case there is some bad energy stopping us from getting where we want to go, the tiger's eye stone will protect us from any kind of danger. Get over your fears, with this stone nothing bad is going to happen to you!

If you like this piece but prefer an optimised and personal final result, you can find it combined here.

It is important for you to know that each piece is studied according to its dimensions, shapes, colours and symbolism in order to achieve a visual and well-proportioned MIX&MATCH. All the pieces are designed to match each other!

Therefore, to help you achieve better styling results and enrich the final shopping experience, we have created various combinations to serve as a guide. Please visit our Mix&Match by Lulàs-Lulàs section.

  • Own design.
  • Local production | "MADE IN SPAIN" | "HANDMADE" in Seville.
  • Production 'ON DEMAND'. We only produce the amount of pieces we’re really going to sell so we don't waste materials or resources.
  • "Kindness" is a way of life. We listen and take care of the team.