Our history

Lulàs_Lulàs was born as a design brand. A dream that began a few years ago, first materializing in bags and then moving towards what had really always been the great fascination: earrings and necklaces.

Currently at LULÀS_LULÀS we design and produce jewelry to inspire people who believe in doing things a little differently, not following fashion but creating it! 

We are inspired by landscapes, lights, colors and experiences. We understand fashion as something much more than the merely visual; a way of transmitting, of culture, of studying concepts, of observing and capturing, of SPAIN as a root, but conceived within a planet and of beauty, but not without a context.

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Our main objective is getting back to the roots, where people and nature meet on the path to balance, where respect and individual responsibility take center stage.

With our career we want to show that fulfilling dreams are not stories from the big screen, but rather it is a task of effort and dedication, but above all of love and respect for yourself first, and for your project later.


Local and ethical production

When we talk about ethics, we want to be transparent. This word today has endless meanings and aspects. That's why we want to tell you what this value that we always keep in mind in our project means. 

We make our jewelry in local workshops (Seville and London), including ourselves. I, Lourdes, participate in both manufacturing and design, thus promoting “learning by doing” to understand the work of the people who make up the team.

It is an ethical production because we firmly believe in a way of consuming that is more conscious, always taking into account that the quality of the materials and the manufacturing process take care of people and the environment.

We avoid overproduction, because we understand that it does not make sense, so we only use the material that is necessary at all times. We feel connected to the true ethical and environmental problems involved in mass production and we try to solve them to the extent possible.

That is why we design and produce our jewelry with respect, by hand, in a slow and careful manner from London and Seville, the places where we live and from where we send you your orders that excite us so much.

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Harmony between people

We didn't create this company to be rich. We pursue our dreams, work on what we are passionate about and have a team of people who feel happy and achieve each of their aspirations. I only had the initiative, but Lulàs-Lulàs can be whoever wants to feel part of. Since our beginnings, our desire has been to build faithful and healthy relationships between the people who are part of our team and of course between you, who make all these principles make sense and materialize. " Kindness" is a way of living. We listen to each other and take care of each other.

Collares para verano, cadenas doradas, joyas de diseño, diseño original, nuevo en Lulás_Lulás, collar nácar y perla.


Solidarity through our income

In the beginning we donated 5% of our income to the NEPP foundation in Barcelona. This is how we wanted to begin our fight against labor slavery that is so present in the world of fashion. As we grew up, we thought we could contribute to other causes that we felt we should fight for. The team grew and we took into account the causes that moved each of us. We also listen to our clients every time we want to start a donation process, which we now do at specific times and with specific projects. That is why we encourage you, if you have a cause to fight for and consider that our values ​​coincide with those that the cause defends, to send us your proposal. We will keep you informed and always ask you to participate through our networks.

we know it is not easy

We firmly believe in our values, but we are aware that changes need to flow, they cannot be imposed. That is why we always keep them in mind and to the best of our ability, every day we try to carry out an action that brings us closer to the ideal of sustainability and ethics in every sense.


Our jewelry does not understand gender

This can be defined in many ways: gender neutral, unisex or genderless. We do not intend to put labels on our jewelry, in fact, we love to eliminate all the barriers and all the labels that limit us to express ourselves as people in all our diversity. Do you love our chains? Wear them, enjoy them, dance with them, dream with them. For some reason they don't fit you? Do you need a specific length that is not among our measurements? Talk to us, we will make it exclusively for you and we will be especially excited for you to take it with you.


Positive energy and color, lots of color

Colors and materials will be the means to express and captivate the visitor to the Lulàs-Lulàs house. This is a project without protocols, free and full of good intentions that demands the patience of your attention for the errors that we may make. We want this to happen, it is natural and it has to be that way.

With much love and dedication,

The Lulàs-Lulàs team